A Little Day-Dreaming

Every Wednesday morning an alarm goes off to remind us to feed our sourdough starter. About 24 hours later, our starter is active, bubbly, and ready to turn into sourdough pizza dough. The dough ferments in the fridge for 72 hours & is ready just in time for our traditional Sunday night family dinner. Sunday afternoons are busy with the whole family helping get ready for our pizza feast. Joel fires up the pizza oven and all 5 kids help me in the kitchen chopping veggies and making salads.

Every year I set baking goals because there are so many things I want to learn to bake or bake better. 2018 was the year of pizza!  I set a goal to make pizza for our family every week. By the end of 2018, we had settled into Sunday Night Pizza Night & had become pros at making homemade pizza. We enjoyed the project so much that we also built a wood-fired pizza oven in our backyard.  Over the last 3-½ years, we have experimented with a variety of flours, sauces, dough recipes, toppings, and more!

At some point we became confident enough in our pizza-making skills that we started hosting dinner parties for our friends & family as well as a local gardening company. May 2021, was a turning point for me. I was approached to teach a pizza demo class which was sponsored by a local church. Women drove as far as 30 minutes & invited their friends and moms to also attend. With just a couple posts on Facebook that only my friends could see, I filled my backyard with women eager to learn how to make homemade pizza. Women stayed for 3-½ hours learning, socializing, and tasting everything from pizzas to salads and homemade desserts. I often day-dream of owning a local bakery or food truck, but after that night, I realized that I have a deep passion for teaching others how to cook & enjoying delicious food with people I love.

I plan to take advantage of the hot summer months by putting together a business plan for how I can continue to teach cooking classes at my home & be prepared to start when the weather cools off this fall. Advertising, menus, hired help, improving my website, and so much more need to be thought through. I have feared moving forward with something like this in the past for fear of rejection or a lack of interest. It is also sometimes challenging to decide on a price point and ask people to pay for my services, but after the response I received for my first class, I’d love to give it a go & see where it takes me!

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